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His Sons, John Jr. and you will William, and you can Grandson Samuel

His Sons, John Jr. and you will William, and you can Grandson Samuel

John Hodgkinson bequeathed his ranch so you can their sons, John Jr. and you will William, with John getting the west half the brand new farm and you may William receiving the fresh eastern half of, according to the place away from a great brook you to split up brand new farm. The phrasing regarding the have a tendency to means that John Sr. its expected this option or the most other out of their sons you are going to have the ability to explore and relish the farm, which was absolutely new fruits regarding most of John the reason work. Toward looking over this, my personal earliest thought is which i need to find belongings information locate this farm for the Pownal and determine the fresh new term record, observe just who sooner owned they. One another John Jr. and you will William finished up when you look at the Grantham Township to your Niagara Peninsula in the Ontario, since the did John the reason son, Samuel, which are that the fresh heirs on the ranch opted to sell it. Samuel Hodgkinson might have been six yrs . old at the time their parent wrote his often in the 1782, and when he became twenty-one to, he had been to receive an extra fifty acres off result in Bennington.

Their Girl, Mary, Martha, Dorothy, and you may Ann

Whilst the bequests and you will descriptions from John’s assets is interesting, what exactly is extremely mouth-dropping about it document ‘s the a number of before-unfamiliar de l’ensemble des his daughters once the Dorothy Contract, Ann McKenna, Mary Miller, and you may Martha Pember, and you can means Thomas Miller while the some other grandson. This article brings subsequent confirmation that Hodgkinson friends described for the so it document matches the brand new Loyalist Hodgkinsons from Grantham. New facts out-of St. Mark’s Anglican Chapel when you look at the Niagara-on-the-Lake reveal that, on and you will Mary (Jones) Hodgkinson was indeed baptized, in addition to “William, Thomas, Dorothy, John Pember, Rockaway, Martha, Eleazer Alexr [sic], and you may George.” 5 It seems noticeable given that William’s ded once their siblings, Dorothy (Hodgkinson) Price and Martha (Hodgkinson) Pember, and that his boy John Pember’s middle label is driven because of the age. All this is actually fruitful surface getting increasing the fresh new Hodgkinson family members forest. The newest executors, David Goff and you can Basteyon Package, also are deserving research subjects, because are Abraham Bowdish and Joseph Briggs, who have been others witnesses into usually and Paul Gardner. In particular, “Basteyon” (Sebastian?) Deal is most probably a relative by marriage out-of Dorothy (Hodgkinson) Contract.

The newest Patch Thickens

Shortly after the final page of tend to (web page 194), there’s a set of records on the web page 195 from the criminal background, shown inside Profile step 3. 6

Contour 3: Conclusion and Commands from Judge Jonas Fay, Bennington Probate Legal, eight April 1783 (top), and you can 24 March 1785 (bottom). Mouse click to access large.

On Probate Court holden within the from inside the Bennington regarding Probate Section of Bennington to your 7 th day’s April Ad. 1783 from the Advantage out of a legal Citatation [sic], In person searched the inside entitled Mary Hodgkinson, and you can alledged [sic] that within Will will not generate for example Provision on her, because the Law in such cases Allows, which hope, the new Court so you can disapprove the same, the several people called regarding the Admission being expose and achieving absolutely nothing to bring (regarding the thoughts of Judge) adequate to approve the will, the latest Court really does hence disapprove thereof, you to definitely Management you need to take away, quizy hookup and that the same end up being Filed. [Signed] Jonas Fay Legal Probt.

On a good Probate Legal holden on Bennington regarding Probate District off Bennington for the twenty four th day’s March Ad. 1785 Mary Hodgkinson Widow of your own within Testator being in person introduce, and you may relinquishing their former objection so you can Probating the interior Will, and you may John Hodgkinson among the Legatees titled from inside the said Often being While doing so within account regarding themselves, and you will Peter McKenna, Adam Contract, Ralph Miller, William Hodgkinson and you can Philip Pember as the appears from the composing under their ^ labels and you can Seals, and you may Entered inside workplace, and hoping in their multiple capabilities the in this Usually elizabeth try hereby recognized and you can anticipate. Of the Jonas Fay, Jud g. Prob t .”

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